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In Russian they don’t say “fuck you”, they say “poshol na hui”, which means “went on a dick” and I, think that’s much more poetic

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I’ve always wondered if pets perceive the distinctive jingles of their collars as part of their notion of self. Like, when you take the collar off, does a part of them think “I’m no longer in full contact with the material realm and my spirit roams with minimal consequence”? I probably would.

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WOW if your definition of “creative” is spewing the same offensive, racist, misogynist homophobic transphobic ableist garbage that literally everyone else is putting out then you really are not that creative!!!! if you honestly think that representing a diverse group of people in a positive light kills your creativity and limits you then you are in the fucking wrong profession and you should just jettison yourself into the sun simple as that

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Yesterday, Nev Schulman, from Catfish, made this stupid tweet about the incident where Ray Rice knocked his wife unconscious in an elevator. Claiming that he is a “real man” even though he was kicked out of college for punching a woman in the face. Disgusting.

"Patience and honor". Apparently it takes a lot of strength to stand still in an elevator without assaulting a woman. Please respect this real man. Think of all the billions of man in the world… patiently holding in their desire to abuse women… saving it for marriage… who is the real culprit here? You, for not respecting this guy. This real man. Give him a hand for not laying his hands on you.

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Rip Louis 2014

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When people refer to black as a nationality, or use the term African-American to describe black people regardless of national origin, it makes me wonder if we’ve retroactively fitted all aspects of African identity into a binary one-dimensional caricature for easy consumption by the American populace because neocolonialism teaches us to perceive Africa as American property.